Closing Tampere Hacklab

At the end of each day, the last person to leave the Lab is responsible for powering down and locking up the hackerspace.

Walk through the Lab and confirm that no one is still in the space. As you walk, listen for machines left on, and even pay attention to odors such as wood burning. Shut off lights and secure doors.

 Welding Bottles
Hotwork Room

Metal Room loading door

 Storage Room Light Switches
Storage Room light switches and outer door

 Electronics Bench Power Switch  Electronics Soldering Iron
Electronics and Mechanics area soldering irons and glue guns

Kitchen coffee maker

 Spray Room Exhaust Switch
Spray Room exhaust fan

Textile Room irons

 Wood Room Loading Door
Wood Room loading door and light switch

 Inner Door Power Switch
Power switch next to the Lab entrance door

 Lab Door Lock
Confirm Lab entrance is closed and locked

 Loading Dock Door Lock
Confirm loading dock doors are closed and locked

 Exterior Door Lock Switch
Confirm building entrance is closed and locked

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