This page introduces members to Tampere Hacklab's issue tracker in GitHub. It is meant to be a starting point and not a comprehensive guide to the issue tracker or GitHub. Every member should read this information carefully.

Something Should Be Done

So, you have discovered that a machine isn't working quite right or a tool is damaged. It's normal, it happens in a workspace as busy as the Tampere Hacklab. The important thing to do now is to report it to our community so that we can do something about it. The best way is to mention it in our issue tracker, which is managed on a website called GitHub.

Now, maybe you are saying, “Wait a minute, isn't GitHub for programmers? I don't want to do any programming”. Don't worry, some of our programmers already did the programming, including setting up a nifty little “bot” that will do most of the work for you. We call this helper bot “Hookshot”, and we can talk to the bot on a chat app called Matrix. So, let's get started reporting an issue, with the help of these apps:

  • GitHub
  • Mulysa
  • Matrix
  • Hookshot


First, log into your own account at If you don't have an account already, go ahead and make one, it's free (preferably on a desktop/laptop). Stay logged in while we continue to the next step.


Second, log into your own Mulysa account at This is the account that was created for you when you joined the Tampere Hacklab. It shows your member status, and also allows you to log into your Matrix account on the server. Stay logged in while we continue to the next step.


Third, log into your Matrix account at At the Element login page, change the server to and then tap the SSO button (you need to be logged into Mulysa when you do this). Even if you have your own Matrix account on a another server, like, you must switch to the account instead, in order to talk with the Hookshot bot.


Good, you are now logged into both Github and's Matrix. Let's tell the bot about the machine trouble and let it do it's magic. In Matrix (Element), use the “Start New Chat” option (found under People) to open a DM with (our bot). Type your message to the bot

github status

If it replies “You are not authenticated, please login.”, then type a second message to the bot

github login

and the bot will offer you a link to follow, to give access to your Github account (the one you are still logged into) to the Hookshot “bridge”. Do that. You will see a message, “Your github account has been bridged.” Then come back to Matrix and message the bot again

github status

It should reply “You are logged in as YourName”. Now you are ready to move on to the next step.

Report the Issue

In Matrix, navigate to our “Asiakanava” channel located at There, in the chat, type

!gh create "ToolName is broken -- YourName" "ToolName has power, and it turns on, but the gears don't turn."

If you are still logged into Hookshot, then it will reply, “Issue #42 1”

Hookshot created a new issue in our GitHub issue tracker, gave it the title “ToolName is broken – YourName” (include your name so that we know who we can ask about it), and gave it the description “ToolName has power, and it turns on, but the gears don't turn.” You can go have a look at it in GitHub at

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I learn more about this Hookshot bridge?

Can I create new issues directly in GitHub and skip the bot?

The bot won't talk to me. Why?

  • Check your settings in Matrix (Security&Privacy, Cryptography) and be sure that the “Never send encrypted messages to unverified sessions from this session” option is switched off. Hookshot can't verify and won't receive your messages if this switch is on.
  • Verify that you are using Matrix and not Telegram to message the bot.
  • Verify that the quotation marks used in the code are the straight kind and not the left/right kind.
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