(Suomi paikanpitäjä) -- Leatherworking

(Suomi paikanpitäjä) – Some leatherworking equipment and materials are located in the textile workspace. The leather was donated, so feel free grab and experiment. The natural-looking leather was vegetable tanned, which makes it suitable for dyeing, wet moulding, etc. There are good instructional videos on YT on how to start with leatherworking.

Nahkatyökalut -- Leatherworking tools

(Suomi paikanpitäjä) – The tools cover almost all the basic needs. It would be nice to build a stitching pony to make stitch easier and get a pricking iron / a diamond chisel - it makes punching stitching holes faster (I've lost mine somewhere :c). Use punches on some sacrificial leather, otherwise they will become dull faster. The same applies to diamond chisels.

Varusteisiin kuuluu mm. – Equipment includes:

  • askarteluveitsi – exacto knife
  • urakaiverrin – stitch groover: makes a shallow groove to hide the stitching thread in
  • merkkaussarja – stitching wheel: marks places for stitching holes
  • naskali – awl: makes stitching hole, very sharp
  • neuloja – needles: one set of blunt needles for use in pre-made holes (harness needles), another set of sharp needles for very thin leather (glovers needles)
  • reunan pyöristäjä – edge beveler: for rounding edges of thicker leather
  • V-taltta – groover: for making grooves in thicker leather, useful e.g. for making folds in thick leather
  • nahkahöylä – safety beveler: for removing thin layers off of leather
  • reikämeistisarja – a set of punches: use a piece of wood or soft mallet for hammering and put a sacrificial piece of leather belowe the working piece
  • painonappien kiinnittäjä – a rivet setter

Nahka -- Leather

(Suomi paikanpitäjä) – There is quite a lot of thick vegetable-tanned leather, including blanks for making straps (e.g. for bags). There are also smaller pieces to play with or use as sacrificial leather to protect the tools. If you want to make things like wallets, then you'll need to buy thinner leather - below 1mm works well.

(Suomi paikanpitäjä) -- Other consumables

(Suomi paikanpitäjä) – Other consumables. The latex glue and carnauba creme are pretty old, you may want to mix them and test them before use.

  • lateksi liimaa – latex glue: keeps pieces of leather aligned for stitching
  • (Suomi paikanpitäjä) – carnauba creme: moisturizes leather
  • pellavalanka – waxed linen thread for stitching
  • (Suomi paikanpitäjä) – pieces of hardware for attaching bag straps
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